Contest rules for the creation of a hymn/ song for the Centenary of the Quebec Foreign Mission Society (SME)

“He who sings, prays twice” (Saint Augustin) 


 As part of the 100 years’ celebration of our Missionary Society, we call to all for the creation of the hymn/song of the Centenary
 This contest for creating the Jubilee Hymn has as purpose to express the joy and gratitude to the Lord for the foundation of our Missionary Society, which has the official motto: “To run the risk of the encounter at the service of the Gospel”, inspired by Evangelii Gaudium #88.
 Through this activity we want to sing, pray, thank and encourage people. Hundred years to the mission service is a good reason to express our happiness for everything given and received since 1921, and at the same time, to celebrate with all the peoples to whom we have been sent.


Contest rules...