Feast St F. Xavier '22

The local Kenyan group invites you to participate in the Holy Mass this Saturday, December 3 at 16 hours Kenyan time...


Deacon Evans - Bishop's Homily

Homélie ordination diaconale de
 EVANS  Par Mgr Martin Laliberté, p.m.é., évêque de Trois-Rivières
Laval, samedi 27 août 2022
 Chers frères et sœurs, chers amis, cher Evans,
 Voilà un jour que notre ami Evans attendait depuis longtemps. Pour arriver jusqu’à aujourd’hui, la route a été longue, s.....

Evans Okotchi Masakhalia

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Live Transmission
Foreign Mission Society of Quebec invites you for the diaconate ordination of Evans Okotchi Masakhalia. Kindly follow the live stream celebration.

Saturday 27th August 2022 at 10am Canadian time

Evans Okotchi Masakhalia

The Superior General, with the approval of his Council, has accepted the application of Evans Okotchi Masakhalia to become a perpetual member of the Society and receive the ministry of the diaconate. 

His ordination to the diaconate will take place on Saturday 27 August at 10am at the Central House and will be presided over by Bishop Martin Laliberté.

Ordination Sacerdotal de Juan Ramón Moncada

Juan Ramón Moncada Paz will be ordained to the priesthood on December 8 at 10h00 in the Basilica Minor of our Lady of Supaya, in Tegucigalpa (Honduras). The ordination celebration will be presided by Cardinal Oscar Andrés Rodriguéz O.S.B., archbishop of Tegucigalpa. 

The celebration will be broadcasted live at 10h00 (Honduras time) on the Facebook site of the SME and on the Facebook site of Suyapa Medios. Juan Ramón has been assigned in the Local Group of Canada for a study period of French in Quebec city.

Ordination of Fr. Juvanne Regidor au Philippines

This past September 24, our brother Juvanne Regidor was ordained a priest in the Cathedral of Digos, "Mary Mediatrix of All Graces". The ceremony was presided over by Bishop Guillermo Afable, Bishop of Digos, Philippines.  The ordination was attended by a large number of the faithful, Juvanne’s parents, relatives and friends as well. Also, in attendance were relatives of all SME associates from the Philippines, and a large number of priests from the local clergy. Our Society was represented by members from the Asian sector, representatives from Canada, Initial Formation and Kenya Local Group. Without a doubt, we feel at home, because the respect and memory of all the PMEs who worked in the Philippines is immense. Bishop Afable, in his homily, highlighted the decades of work of all the SME Fathers who raised up the Church of Digos and Davao. 

Ordinations of Fr. Benard Mukeku and Deacon Juan Ramón Moncada

On the 31th of August 2019, the SMÉ gladly celebrated the ordinations of Fr. Benard Mukeku Mutisya from Kenya and Deacon Juan Ramón Moncada Paz from Honduras who were ordained by Bishop Norman King’oo, Bishop of Machakos in a very colourful liturgical celebration organized by the same diocese. With a heartfelt, we thank God, the SMÉ and all the people of good will who formed them, support and rejoiced with us with the ordination  of our two new member who were  baptized, ordained and sent to be witnesses of the love of God among the most needed.