A Word from our Superior General

As I write these few lines, I am looking out the window and I am marveling at the brilliantly vivid green of all the trees that adorn the compound of our Mother House in Laval.  Nature’s lush outburst of colour marks the end of a particularly harsh
winter, and heralds a late spring in Quebec with a return to more pleasant days.
It is always heartening to watch the resurgence of life each year, despite the contrary forces that seem to work to end it.  Our own hope for new life is likewise renewed. It is this same vitality that inspires and energizes the missionaries of the SMÉ since its foundation in 1921.
It is, in fact, the living and resurrected Christ who invites us to commit ourselves to travel to foreign lands, risking much in the service of the Gospel.
During your visit to our website, we invite you to discover a little of what motivates our missionary vocation, and hopefully be inspired in some way by the experience.
Come and see….

Martin Laliberté, pmé