A world without mothers would be inhumane
(Pope Francis)

Service d'Animation Missionnaire
The words of the Holy Father about mothers remain as valid today as they were when he first spoke them a few years ago. This month, dedicated to Our Mother Mary and in which many countries celebrate Mother's Day, is the perfect time to share some of the Pope's reflections. 

Mothers are indispensable to society and the Church, they show the world what it means to give oneself generously for others, respect life and show tenderness and moral strength even in times of difficulty, Pope Francis said.

He also refers to the role of Mary, mother of Jesus, in the Gospel saying: "She gives us Jesus, she shows us Jesus, she lets us see Jesus."

Pope Francis recalled his own childhood as one of five children and spoke of the immense work, challenges and how many problems, but also how much happiness, comes with motherhood.

"Mothers are the strongest antidote to the spread of selfish individualism," he said.

A world without mothers would be "inhumane," he said, "because mothers always know how to bear witness, even in the worst moments, of tenderness, dedication and moral strength."

Mothers are the greatest enemies of war, "which kills their children," he admitted that he has thought many times about those women who receive the dreaded letter notifying them of the loss of their children in defense of the nation. "Poor women. How much a mother suffers," the Pope said solemnly.

At this point, we echo the Pope's words by pointing out that, mothers are, without a doubt, bearers of tenderness and moral strength in times of difficult. This is especially true in light of the selfish individualism that has infiltrated the world today and the reality and pains of war, especially in the Middle East, Congo, Sudan, Ukraine and Russia.

At the end of this extract of the Pope's reflections on the importance of motherhood, we have to pray to the Lord for all the mothers of the world. They, in the image of Mary, welcome and accompany their sons and daughters in all moments of their lives, sharing their joys, sorrows, challenges, dreams and hopes.

(Extracted from the words of Pope Francis in his first general audience of the year 2015)