The Maison Bon Air: a place of hospitality and fraternity

Pedro Perna

The Maison Bon Air of the Foreign Missions Society of Quebec currently offers a living environment that combines the hospitality of the House of Bethany with the caring of the Inn of the Good Samaritan. The close ties between Jesus and the family of Bethany, Martha, Mary and Lazarus, evoked in the Gospels, suggest that their home was a place of rest and encounter appreciated by Jesus. 
Similarly, the parable of the Good Samaritan highlights the compassion and help given to an abused and abandoned man, underlining the importance of a comforting and welcoming place for people in difficulty.

In this spirit, Bon Air House humbly assumes a similar role as a space of hospitality, solidarity and mutual support.

Under the direction of Bernard Duquette PMÉ, and Christian Busset, associate lay missionary, with Pedro Perna, resident collaborator and missionary animator, the house has hosted over the past year, alternately, four refugee families from Ukraine and one political refugee from the Democratic Republic of Congo.

In collaboration with the Ukrainian Association of Lévis, the team is committed to welcoming and accompanying these families through the first stages of their settlement in Canada. Coming from afar, these families need time to adapt and gradually integrate into their new environment. The house's service team members respectfully welcome them, considering their individual needs.

In partnership with Paul Foisy of the Ukrainian Association of Lévis, who sponsored them, the house members have coordinated the Ukrainian families' stays. This included providing them with food, helping them find and furnish their homes, assisting them in dealing with governmental procedures, opening bank accounts, and facilitating their enrollment in francization courses to help them cope with the new challenges of life in Canada. We must also mention the remarkable commitment of our cook, Geneviève Major, who deploys all her talents to ensure their optimal well-being.

Maison Bon Air is also a place of renewal for missionaries in the surroundings of Quebec City, and for those who identify with the mission of the SME. Faith and Mission meetings, organized by the Quebec Missionary Team ( composed of Martine and Yves, Pedro and Bernard), and lodging for participants that reflect on the SMÉ mission in Quebec, are ongoing dynamic activities. The house is animated by a fraternity that meets regularly to celebrate the Eucharist and share their faith. Mealtime get-togethers add a warm and convivial dimension to Maison Bon Air, reflecting the spirit of the Bethany house.
By welcoming refugees and offering a place to renew the energies of those involved in the mission, Maison Bon Air becomes a place where Christian fraternity and solidarity are tangible. Its crucial role in accompanying people in their transition to a new life in Canada, and in supporting active missionaries, makes it an authentic sanctuary of peace and love, in the image of the House of Bethany and of the Good Samaritan’s Inn.