Mural realized on the occasion of the SME Centenary, at the Guadalupe residence, Tegucigalpa - Honduras. By André Dione, with the collaboration of Yanira Arias, José Ángel, Tomás, Claudia his Daughter, Carmen Suate and María Suate.

Getting born again is something we need to do daily as we discover more of our own souls with each new life encounter. For the true Christian, evangelizing should begin with oneself, being born again with each new day, conveying the message of hope, and re-creating this world as a place of love, compassion, preservation of beauty, respect for nature, and peace—peace and love above all else.” 

 Carlton Pearson, The Gospel of Inclusion: Reaching Beyond Religious Fundamentalism to the True Love of God and Self (Atria Books: 2006), 260

Perpetual Rebirth

You are born, you grow, you die
You are born and reborn into life
Reborn ulitmately into Him who is life

All of nature is pregnant
She is in labor
Awaiting the revelation of the children of God

Be whoever you want to be
This is the fundamental calling
 For life.
To follow where You may go, walking
 For “Dancing is learned by dancing,
 Singing, by singing
And God, whom nobody has seen,
By following Christ,

 Christ is learned/discovered by loving,

By serving, by walking,
By becoming a child
Who follows his path

 ~ Esteban Gumucio sscc
“Discover your path/vocation”
Promoting and Discerning one’s vocation

Come Guacamaya, stop
Live your life discovering
Your path and your mission (role?)
 In the renewal of the world.

~ André Dionne