Do you remember what was your state of mind when you woke up this morning? Were you happy, sad, maybe not very motivated or full of energy? Did you have a purpose when you got up, something that was worth choosing to start and keep the day going?

One can wake up, follow a certain routine, and do some rituals without asking many questions. It’s legitimate. A person can also set goals for the day, for the week, the month, for life. Also good. But someone can dare to plunge in an even deeper level where there is this inner dialogue, where important questions arise. This is the place we want to explore.

Let’s picture a woman who decides to leave her home country,  let’s say maybe France, or Argentina, Philippines Canada or Kenya to move elsewhere where she needs to learn a new language, to live out of her cultural comfort to give time to improve other people’s life by starting students houses, or organizing community groups in poor areas or taking care of HIV positive pregnant women, or supporting families with major social-economical issues, or simply deciding to dedicate time in young age to discover where to be helpful to build God’s kingdom.

Or let’s imagine a man who wakes up soon to meet prisoners, submitting himself to intolerant poorly paid prison guards, or someone with big responsibilities that takes from personal time to hear and accompany people in distress, or one that moves to another continent to encourage and guide young men in their discernment to discover themselves and become their best versions so they can eventually become priests and serve all humankind, showing how to happy with the unknown as their main working field. 

Those are real people, they exist and they are giving their lives at this very moment for something bigger than themselves, out of the comfort of their homelands. They are working in fields that are not traditionally recognized or valued. 

So let’s think: Is it possible to go so deep in this choice if a serious inner dialogue is not being held? Who are they talking to? 

This inner voice is talking to each one of us, not only to them. This voice can make a tired mother fill herself with patience to attend and feed a crying baby. It can make a father tolerate hard labour conditions to bring bread home with love. It also cries at the heart of those fighting for better work conditions, human rights, or ecological justice. 

This voice talks, actually more often it whispers to each human being. It is now whispering on your ears and heart while you read this, saying: “you are precious! I have a love plan for you that is everlasting, Let’s walk together?”

You can make a free choice, like the prophet Samuel in his young life, who dared to answer: here I am, Lord! Speak your servant is hearing” (I Sam 3,10) or as the disciples of Emaus: “Stay with us Lord, because the night is coming” (Lk 24, 29), or like those women and men you just read about that are giving their lives for this voice that called and keeps calling them, “each morning to their ears so they hear as  disciples and I wish not to resist”. (Is 50, 4-5)

The most important part: it needs to be a free choice, renewed at every moment. Because love is always a free commitment. A true love calling cannot be accomplished if one is not free. It worth to try. Wish to know more? Contact us!