Who Inspired You ?

On April 30, 2023, the Catholic Church celebrated its 60th annual World Day of Prayer for Vocations. This day is commonly know as "Good Shepherd Sunday" and is observed on the Fourth Sunday of Easter. The purpose of this day is to pray for vocations in all its forms: to the priesthood, lay missionaries, religious life, etc

To mark this special occasion, the animation team in collaboration with assigned members of the Society organized a Zoom encounter to share the experiences of our calling, under the theme :Who inspired your vocation journey? and also pray for vocation in the spirit of communion. Participants we’re drawn from members, candidates and affiliates from different parts of the world where we are present.  They shared their personal stories of how they discovered their vocation and the beauty and challenges they faced along the way.

Communion of love

In this year’s reflection, Pope Francis calls us to reflect “with wonder that the Lord’s call is grace, complete gift, and at the same time a commitment to bring the Gospel to others. We are called to a faith that bears witness, one that closely connects the life of grace, as experienced in the sacraments and ecclesial communion, to our apostolate in the world. Led by the Spirit,… it is not carried out by us alone, but always in ecclesial communion, together with our brothers and sisters, and under the guidance of the Church’s pastors. For this has always been God’s dream: that we should live with him in a communion of love.”

In conclusion, the 60th annual World Day of Prayer for Vocations provided an opportunity for the Society as an international community to come together and reflect on the importance of discerning one's calling in life through prayer and sharing. there was a sense of the need for greater support and encouragement for those discerning their vocation, and the importance of creating a culture that values and nurtures vocations.

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Local Group Kenya - "Here I am Lord" song.

Local Group Kenya while marking the World of Vocation 2023 came together in celebration.  It was a participation of the local group members, TFCK, MFC, candidates, members of “Partners in Mission” (who are our collaborators in mission) and participants in “Come and See”  program 2023.  

The World Day of Prayer for Vocations is an excellent opportunity for all us to come together as Christians, to pray, share, discern and support the Church. Pope Francis in his message this year tells us, “… that the mission is God’s work; it is not carried out by us alone, but always in ecclesial communion,… Within the Church, all of us are servants, in accordance with the variety of our vocations, charisms and ministries…. Only in relation with all the others, does any particular vocation in the Church fully disclose its true nature and richness. Viewed in this light, the Church is a vocational “symphony”, with every vocation united yet distinct, in harmony and joined together in “going forth” to radiate throughout the world the new life of the kingdom of God.” Vocation: Grace and Mission 2023.

 Our collective involvement is a testament to our commitment to bring the good News to all end of the Earth and to be witnesses. As a local group, their involvement in their celebration especially in this song, highlights the significance of collaboration and partnership in supporting, promoting and naturing vocations.




Vocation: Grace and Mission

Dear brothers and sisters, dear young people!

This is now the sixtieth time that we are celebrating the World Day of Prayer for Vocations, established by Saint Paul VI in 1964, during the Second Vatican Ecumenical Council. This providential initiative seeks to assist the members of the People of God, as individuals and as communities, to respond to the call and mission that the Lord entrusts to each of us in today’s world, amid its afflictions and its hopes, its challenges and its achievements.

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                                                       Vocation: Grace and Mission

Photo : Annett Klinger | Pixabay.