Campamento Misionero

Missionary Camp

"Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 of July, we had in Costa Rica, and particularly in the parish of San Marcos in Tarrazú, the first missionary camp organized by the Vocational Promotion Service in Central America. During the activities, we had the commitment and the presence of our whole team in Costa Rica and also the precious collaboration and support of André Dionne and Elsa Izaguirre, members of Vocational Promotion in Central America. 

Besides accompanying us, they offered us 2 excellent exposes, one about the history of our Society by Elsa, and the other on the theme of vocation and discernment by André. In the camp, we had 11 young participants full of enthusiasm, in search and with a missionary spirit in full bloom. 

In spite of the cold in Tarrazú and the rain, they shared, listened and appreciated the activity which ended on Sunday with the testimony of the missionary experience in Peru (2009-13) of Yorlene Miranda. There was also a game of treasure hunting, in which the group was divided in two, followed clues to find a coffer full of sweets and a mirror who revealed them to themselves as true treasures."

Miguel Granados, from Costa Rica, lay missionary associate in Cambodia from 2010 to 2016