The digital era we live challenges us continuously. The Church, although still timid in responding to current defies, wants to go out to meet the marginalized. The Service of the Missionary Animation of the SME has wanted to reflect and update itself trying to read these signs and challenges. That is why all those responsible for MA have met in Nairobi these past days, to strengthen our mission of giving visibility to our missionary charism, to update and form ourselves in relation to new ways of doing animation, to reinvent ourselves as a service, and to elaborate together strategies for the next four years. The situation of migrants, environmental problems, young people as a theological place, the new digital continent (our Web site and social networks) and the preparation of our centennial were part of the topics we addressed. Special mention should be made of the young people, whom we have listened to attentively, and with whom we want to walk hand in hand.  Together we have planned activities and strategies that we hope will bear fruit in due time.
We invite all those responsible of MA to share with each of the members of their local groups or projects all the experiences and inputs learned during these days of intense formation.
Very soon, through our renewed and strengthened website, all the material will be available.   
We thank all the members of the local group in Kenya for having welcomed us with fraternal love. God bless you abundantly.

Pedro Emilio Ramírez Ramos
Nairobi, Kenya, April 29 to May 3, 2019