The Asia Sector Annual Meeting, held in Digos, Philippines, from September 16-20, has just ended. The three Local Groups from Asia (Japan, Hong Kong and Cambodia) were welcomed by the Vocational Awakening Project in the Philippines (VAPP) responsible Renato Togon and Sofia Diez. This year, in addition to the members of the Local Groups of Asia, we had the participation of the Director of initial formation, Ergete Tesfaye, and the local In-charge of Kenyan Local Group, José Domingos Damasceno Barão. 

Being the theme of shared leadership, one of the cornerstones of the last General Assembly 2018, Rene Ayala Director for the Service of On-going formation of the SME was the facilitator of the topic. With a participative pedagogy, Rene was able to catch the attention of all present, reinforcing the bases of this type of leadership and the need to adapt it to our current reality as a small missionary Society. Shared leadership increases participation and a sense of belonging, promotes creativity, debate and decisions based on dialogue. Without avoiding possible conflicts, it promotes trust and fosters the evolution of the members of each Local Group. 

In shared leadership, decision-making has several focuses. Then, discernment is an important element to be considered. This type of shared leadership responds adequately to today's paradigms, to the ideals of participation and democracy, and, above all, to the Spirit of God that drives ecclesial renewal and the evolution of our missionary Society. All responsible, all concerned. 

In this meeting, our call to the missionary vocation was reinforced in prayer, fraternity, the sharing of the reality of each Local Group, with its challenges and dreams, and, above all, in the sincere desire to respond to the mandate to “go to the whole world and proclaim the Gospel”.

Pictures :

Pedro Emilio Ramírez Ramos
Digos, Philippines,  september 29th, 2019