Jubilate Domino Omnes Terra!
A Joyous Celebration of Service and Dedication

Service d'Animation Missionnaire
The word "Jubilate," the first word of Psalm 99(100) verse 2, has given us the French term “Jubilaire,” signifying one celebrated with joy. This year, the Foreign Missions Society of Quebec has every reason to celebrate as we honour our devoted brothers for their remarkable years of service as priests.

Jean-Paul Guillet is completing an extraordinary 75 years of ministry, Gilles Caron reaches the milestone of 70 years, Jean-Charles Loiselle and Alphonse Proulx mark 65 years, and Richard Brodeur, Roland Laneuville, and Albert Rousseau each commemorate 60 years of dedicated service. These numbers alone are staggering and certainly worthy of celebration.

However, a closer look into their years of commitment to the Church and to people of goodwill around the world reveals an extensive collection of impressive and inspiring experiences. These men have served across four continents—Latin America, Asia, Africa, and Europe—and in nine countries: Honduras, Cuba, Peru, Japan, Philippines, Hong Kong, Sudan, Kenya, and Italy. Their ministries are profound and varied at the same time. Their contributions are staggering; they have pioneered radio education in Latin America, worked in largely Islamist regions of Africa, and navigated times of severe social upheaval like the Cuban revolution and Latin American dictatorships.

Even having achieved proficiency in languages that differ greatly from their original French, including Japanese, Cantonese, Kiswahili, Arabic, Spanish, and Cebuano, they demonstrate impressive modesty in considering their accomplishments. Speaking quietly and modestly when questioned about their outcomes, they embody the good servants of the parable who multiplied the talents entrusted to them without looking for praise. Their constant commitment and ceaseless efforts have become embedded in them, much like breathing.

Joy and heartfelt emotion are evident in their smiles when they speak of the people they have served. Even when recounting difficult moments in their missions, they do so with honesty and without bitterness, emphasizing the importance of accepting others. In an era where cultural sensitivity workshops are common to prevent intercultural conflicts, these men exemplify the Catholic missionary concept of “inculturation,” blending seamlessly with the communities they served while proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ through active listening and presence.

For all these reasons, we proclaim: “Shout for joy to the Lord, all the earth” (Ps 99/100, 2). Let's honour these great men for their humility and love for humanity through a solid dedication to their ministry. Congratulations!