Christmas Cards from the Heart 

From Lu Wu Correctional Institution and Tai Lam Centre for Women

As part of the pastoral service carried out together with Father Tito (Missionary of Guadalupe) in the Hong Kong women's prisons, we organized a small drawing contest for the Latin American inmates at Lo Wu and Tai Lam.

This is an activity that inmates look forward with great joy. The objectives of the contest are to offer them the opportunity to do something different within the routine of the prison, to provide them with a channel to express their emotions in a creative way, considering that Christmas is for many of them a time of sadness and anxiety due to the distance from their families; in addition to allowing them to earn a small amount of money that they can use to support their families or purchase an item they need.

The realization of this contest, each year, depends on the generosity of different benefactors. That is why we constantly ask God to move the heart of a generous people to help us continue with this initiative that provides so many benefits to those who participate, motivating them to work as a team, support each other, develop their creativity, trust in themselves and self-esteem.

Below, you will be able to appreciate this year's creations. The cards are really beautiful and meaningful.  They were made with dedication and we hope it will fill your hearts with the Christmas Spirit of joy and hope. 

No matter where we are, or what the circumstances of our life are, the light which shone in Bethlehem can shine in ourselves, if we dispose our hearts for Baby Jesus can be born in each one of us.
Merry Christmas.  God bless you.

Ana Maria Jara Fierro
Lay Missionary
Hong Kong

Honorable mentions

Other photos of the contest