On the beautiful day of September 30, a gathering took place at the Central House of the Foreign Mission Society of Quebec in Laval, as members, associates and friends of the SMÉ gathered to celebrate the life and legacy of Saint Thérèse of Lisieux. St. Thérèse, a revered figure and patron saint, along with St. Francis Xavier, of the Quebec Foreign Mission Society, has been a guiding light for countless people devoted to missionary endeavors.
The day began with a mass presided over by bishop François Lapierre, whose words resonated in the hearts of those present. The atmosphere was one of reverence and gratitude as bishop Lapierre, pmé explained the profound significance of Saint Thérèse in his own spiritual journey, and how her faith and teachings on the little way of love continue to inspire missionary life.

During the mass, Christian Busset renewed his association with the SMÉ, reaffirming his commitment to the mission as a lay associate. This gesture was warmly welcomed by the society's vicar-general, Bertrand Roy, pmé, further consolidating the bonds that unite members and associates, women and men, priests and laypeople in their common mission of spreading the good news and abundant life in Jesus Christ.
After mass, the celebration continued with a communal meal that brought everyone together in a spirit of fraternity and companionship. There was an atmosphere of joy and gratitude for all the blessings bestowed upon them, as well as clarity about the strength conferred on all by the example and wisdom received from Saint Therese.  The day was a joyful testimony to the lasting impact of her teachings and the profound influence she continues to exert on the missionary efforts of the Foreign Missions Society du Québec.