Dear friends,
I had the privilege of participating in the 5th National Missionary Congress held from November 10th to 15th, 2023, in Manaus. I would like to share the main highlights that I gathered from this enriching event.
The congress brought together members of local Churches in Brazil and was a crucial milestone for reflecting on and encouraging missionary action from various perspectives. 

The central theme of the congress, "Burning Hearts, Feet on the Move," echoed in all discussions and sessions. The mission was emphasized as a call that transcends geographical, social, and existential boundaries, promoting inclusive dialogue, crossing borders, and valuing diversity. The event underscored the importance of the National Missionary Program, addressing areas such as missionary formation, animation, ad’ Gentes mission, and prophetic-social commitment.
I also highlight the significant contributions made by Father Estevão Raschietti, who emphasized mission as an invitation to welcome rather than overcome, encouraging the Church to move towards peripheral spaces and learn from the most vulnerable. The reflections of Victória Holzbach and Sister Eliane Santana were significant, emphasizing the realization of mission in practice, especially the crucial role of the local Church in the responsibility and welcoming back of missionaries from their Ad’Gentes missionary experiences, as well as the female leadership in synodal mission.

The contributions of Dom. Zenildo Lima and Dom Esmeraldo Barreto de Farias were crucial. Both highlighted the Trinitarian essence of the mission, the importance of inculturation and interculturality in evangelization, and the deep commitment to the most in need. They also stressed the responsibility of the entire local Church in the mission to the ends of the earth, based on the guidelines of the Second Vatican Council and the Aparecida Document.
The congress was not just an isolated event but rather a milestone that challenged us to assume responsibility for the Church's mission. It is crucial to turn these reflections into concrete actions, creating bonds of belonging and embracing a borderless heart for all of humanity.
With gratitude,
José Domingos,