The Foreign Missions Society of Quebec (SME) has a history as full of flowers as the fields in springtime, bursting with enchanting colors and fragrances!  It has also bore much fruit, and still does. Founded in 1921, this Quebec missionary organization has gone through many stages, organizing and reorganizing itself to better serve those it was called to serve.
In the beginning, the SME was like a candle lit in the darkness, with the mission of spreading the light of the Christian faith. Over the years, this flame has grown into a veritable constellation of Quebec missionaries, and gradually into an international network, with missionaries from many different nations and ethnic groups, setting out from the four corners of the globe to spread the good news.

But that's not all! Not only did the SME evangelize, it also put celebration at the heart of its work. These missionaries, like artists orchestrating a humanitarian symphony, have contributed to educational, health and economic development projects. Think of them as chefs preparing a feast of well-being for the communities they served.
And talk about diversity! The SME has embraced the richness of different peoples' traditions like a palette of vibrant colors. Like a grand celebration of different human cultures, it fostered dialogue, built bridges and celebrated human diversity.
Faced with the changes in the world, the SME proposes a rhythmic dance that harmonizes justice, ecology and spirituality, adopting innovative steps to stay on track with the service of every human being and of the Gospel. As a rather eclectic troupe of dancers, it has followed the music of the times, seeking to be light of the world and salt of the earth while maintaining its vibrant signature.

Today, SME's legacy resonates like a joyful melody, recalling the sound of shared laughter and transformed lives. Its impact, like an evening of Perseids shining in the night sky, continues to shine through the communities it has touched and influenced.
In short, the SME is much more than a missionary organization - it's a perpetual celebration of faith, diversity and humanitarian service. A toast to SME for its past, present and future successes! 🎉🌍🕊️