Domund 2023 Poema

Padre José Domingos

Dedicated, bravely, 
I carry a burning heart in my chest. 
With my feet moving, 
searching for my vocation in the mission, 
Passion beats in my chest; 
It is an intense explosion. 
My steps echo on this ground, 
On the journey of life, 

I leave a bold mark, 

Facing challenges without fear of failure. 
A vibrant flame burns in my chest,
 It's a burning heart. That with faith and devotion, 
I travel unknown paths, 
Following my destiny, 
even without having met them. 
In life's mission, I seek truth, justice and compassion, Spreading love 
and leaving traces of gratitude. 
Burning heart, that burns in every moment, 
Bringing peace and joy to those who approach.
 I let my feet mark the path,
 without hesitation, 

Moving forward boldly, 
without looking back.
 Because the path I walk is made with the heart,
 And with every step I take, 
I sow a new emotion. 
On the horizon, I see burning hearts,
 Ready to surrender and hug. 
They are flames of inspiration,
 On the path of life, following his vocation. 
Burning hearts and feet on the way to the mission, Carrying strength and determination in your chest. 
Leaving a legacy of love, 
Following the paths of our guide and mentor; 

What is Jesus, Our Lord.