Catholic Church 
B.P. 123 
Phnom Penh 12000


In 1995, the Quebec Foreign Mission Society (SME) arrives in Cambodia, a country recovering from a horrifying genocide, and fifteen years of foreign occupation.  During this period, Vietnam, the Communist-leaning colonizing country where the main spiritual practices are Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism, exercise an important influence over local customs.  Under the regime, the Christians in Cambodia are forced to practice their faith in secret.

For this reason, the priests and lay missionaries of the Society who settle in Cambodia are given the mandate to consolidate and nurture what remains of Christianity in this country.
Until now, in an effort to re-open and encourage faith sharing and to help rebuild the Church in Cambodia, our missionaries are involved in various pastoral projects, social justice actions, and the initiation of locals to the Christian faith.